Payment methods

Payment service is provided by VerifoneFinland Oy (VAT: FI0943190). Verifone Finland Oy is a payment servicecompany which has its operating licence from Financial supervisingservice of Finland.  The payment transactions are provided in asecure environment provided by Verifone Finland Oy.  When paid bycredit or debit card it is possible that the payment receiver in thebank account information is Verifone Finland Oy, who is in charge oftransforming the payment to the Seller. 

Collector invoice and installment 

The invoicing cost of Collector is 2,50€ 

Invoicing and installment terms ofCollector here

Permanent European concumer creditinformation here

Delivery method 3,50 €

For the delivery of the orders we usethe Post of Finland. 

The goods will be sent in 1-3 days after the payment has been received (goods with name or logo markingin 1-3 days) and the goods will be sent to your closest post office.

You will receive a note when the goodshave arrived to the post office and you can collect them. 


The Buyer is responsible of returningthe goods immediately if something is wrong with the goods, but atlatest in 14 days since received the goods. 

If the return is not done within 14days, the Buyer accepts the goods and the Seller will not accept thereturn later. The goods returned must be in the original package,unused, unbroken, and the package must be in a similar shape than itwas before the Buyer opened it up. The return policy does not applyto the products marked as customer has wished for. 

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